Pony Mini Plant


PONY MINI PLANTS are small, flexible, integrated factories for producing cars next to the customer.

With a fraction of a fraction of the investment of "large" multinationals who, as we know, are self-trapped in bulk production, designed primarily for developed industrialized countries and therefore, it is completely inconceivable to compete with the small, flexible and economical production of the PONY MINI PLANT of NAMCO mainly in emerging countries.

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Advantages PMP


The PONY MINI PLANTS with extremely low initial investment are becoming very appealing even to the emerging world governments. Because they offer jobs and unique benefits that also cover the aspirations of politicians, who want to see a NATIONAL CAR in their own country. Thus, fulfilling their political goals. And of course to make a decisive and immediate contribution to reducing unemployment in each of these countries.


NAMCO has a specialized FAST-TRACK VOCATIONAL TRAINING program for unskilled workers by transforming them into specialized frontmen. And even within the PONY MINI PLANT facilities. This is only possible with the special simplified technology of NAMCO DYNATEC® (DYNAMIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES), while this is totally impossible with the ultra-automated robotic technology of large multinationals. NAMCO's PONY MINI PLANTs use people and NO robots. And therefore, they also have an unparalleled comparative advantage, as it is already well- known, a robot to produce customers does not exist!


The philosophy of NAMCO is: PONY® compact cars, robust, and extremely economical, even in a low production-line with a capacity of 10,000 units per year. Integrated local PONY® MINI PLANTS. And this has been recognized internationally by all industry specialists. This philosophy, and especially in today's conjuncture, has been a triumphant. And it has created its own class of popular lightweight open trucks that have a life cycle of at least 30 years.

With strong evidence that the counter-production of this philosophy, i.e. the greatest production of large multinationals (economies of scale), has failed miserably. Because, it obviously creates enormous "overproduction" and proportionally huge losses, at least in terms of emerging small markets. This overproduction is impossible to absorb because we have not yet invented a magical customer-generated robot. As a result, the self-proclaimed "big ones" either have already gone bankrupt or plunged into astronomical damage and mass layoffs. It is well known that big automakers survive mainly under government aid loans and billions of EURO subsidies from taxpayers!!!


On the contrary, PONY® MINI PLANTS, with political will and prudent state support, can not only survive but also prove be extremely profitable. Simply because, PONY® is simple to produce and is a special and indispensable tool for the small and medium-sized trader, as well as a tool for agricultural works.


Capital security. If the general economic conditions in the emerging countries start to fluctuate sharply or change to the worst, i.e. low car sales, foreign currency deficiencies, etc., the following, non-motorized products, can be easily and immediately produced within the PONY MINI PLANTS which acquire a dual character:

Non-motorized products

Namco Group

Roof steel frames of any kind

Namco Group

Solar hot water boilers

Namco Group

Solar Stirling Motor (for extracting water)

Namco Group

Steel household and hospital furniture

Namco Group

Containers for People, Transport & FRIGO

Namco Group

Hydraulic loading bed for trucks

Namco Group

All the steel work of Micro-Hydro power Plants

Namco Group

Hawker stands for small traders of all kinds

Namco Group

Emergency Housing Containers folding down for easy and economic transportation

Namco Group

Scooters and Motorbikes

Namco Group

Trailers for every kind of vehicle

And many more metal products

What is the production capacity of a Pony® ini plant?

Scalable production of up to 30.000 PONY units per year, in two (2) shifts. Almost the ideal size for small markets. And what counts most, manufacturing a large variety of models, even in small volumes, economically.

A remarkable model flexibility next to none, due to the unique NAMCO’s DYNATEC Systems and UNIPLATFORM; mounting 17 models on the very same chassis-platform. An unmatched comparative agility to serve the specific needs of local customers.


PONY® is manufactured using DYNAMIC TECHNOLOGIES (DYNATEC®) in modular and expanding units.

The core of NAMCO's philosophy is to create a unique, low-cost, corporate culture of producing vehicles such as PONY®, to mobilize the productive mass in a multi-purpose and money-saving environment.

NAMCO works with DYNATEC, low volume production technologies, based on simplicity, cost-effectiveness and rationalization of design. NAMCO's DYNATEC technologies come from proven intelligent manufacturing methods that have already been tested in harsh conditions and in a worldwide production line of hundreds of thousands of PONY® vehicles produced and sold around the world. 

NAMCO's corporate mission also represents the modern form of flexible, modular construction, expandable as sales increase. NAMCO does exactly that, and it does it successfully with today's dynamic DYNATEC technology, which uses the maximum human labor, creating jobs locally and avoiding the extremely expensive and rigid robots.

The main scope of NAMCO's key technologies, known as the DYNATEC system, originally developed in Germany and Switzerland is to rationalize and simplify production, by contributing to the harmonious co-existence of profits with long-term job security. NAMCO's firm belief is that the best element of security and capital growth comes only from profitable, high-performing labor intensive businesses that offer competitive and long-term employment. The only real guarantee for safe investments.

On the other hand, the "modern" streams of automation and robotization, literally oblige large-scale car companies to overpower, trying to survive through economies of scale. However, there has not yet been a robot to create consumers! In addition, it is proven by authoritative analysts and, in particular, by world leaders such as McKinsey, who stated that "flexible production methods, even in small volumes, fully match the advantages of mass production of economies of scale." 

Τι προσφέρει η DYNATEC;

  • NEW BLOOD for manufacturing of PICK UP Automobiles, Segment PONY®
  • Investment with Unique Capital Safety and Profitability
  • MULTIPLEX Plant Manufacturing of PONY® pickup cars and a host of various other metal products
  • Technologies originally developed by Swiss & Germans engineers & Tractor companies
  • Job Creator in Emerging Countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Technologies strike succeed at bull’s eye
  • DYNATEC® is the key of every PONY® MINI PLANT. Securing flexible, lean and above all Profitable low-volume production of PONY® cars
  • DYNATEC® builds PONY® MINI PLANTS with a unique ultra-low fixed-assets CAPITAL INVESTMENT
  • DYNATEC® PONY® known internationally for VIABILITY, QUALITY & PROFITABILIT
  • JOB-CREATOR with Muscle Power versus rampant robotisation
  • World Record 65% LOCALISATION, by the very start of production
  • Builds 100% LOCALLY the “UNIPLATFORM” of PONY® pick-ups

DYNATEC in action


A modular multi-platform, on which 17 different superstructures (bodies) can be mounted, saving a lot of production costs.


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